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Remedies Rose Bud - Chelsea and Dane

Meet Chelsea and Dane. Chelsea and Dane co-own of a health food store called Remedies in Rose Bud, AR. Chelsea and Dane’s father started practicing natural medicine in the early 90’s and that is when Remedies emerged. Their father passed away a few years ago, and the sibling duo could not let his legacy end. Chelsea described her father as a caring and gifted man who desired for everyone to live a happier, healthier life. Chelsea believes that her and Dane embody the spirit of their father and it is now their mission to carry on his legacy.

Alongside their families, Chelsea and Dane are making the world a better place by helping people in their community find health through their mind, body, and soul. Chelsea, Dane, and both of their spouses went to school to become certified Natural Health Coaches. They wanted to be knowledgeable and have sound wisdom to help their communities. Chelsea explains that her father understood that one’s health is imperative to one’s happiness. Chelsea and Dane want Remedies to be a place where people feel can find that happiness and feel understood, valued, and heard. With their families, Chelsea and Dane actively go beyond to make their communities better.

Chelsea claims that owning a health food store has not always been easy. After her Dad passed, her life had a major shift. As a homeschooling mother of five, Chelsea had to adjust a bit when she took on the responsibility of running the health food store with her brother. Without her father, working with Remedies was different. As Chelsea has worked through adjustments and grief, she is confident that she is exactly where she needs to be.

Chelsea and Dane are passionate about what they do and they go beyond daily. They work hard and truly believe in their vision. Lately, Chelsea and Dane have been working to get their father’s product line on the market. They believe the supplements are valuable and can make a difference in the lives of their customers.

Chelsea is a huge believer in “you are what you eat.” She passionately believes that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn about good nutrition. She also advises to be a seeker. Specifically, seek out new modalities of healing and don’t be afraid to make changes for a better you.

If you are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, check out the Remedies Facebook page!

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