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Our team at Beyond Boundaries has evolved in size and shape over the years, yet we have always maintained the close-knit, family-like atmosphere that defines us. We are united by a shared belief in the mission of living a Beyond Boundaries life. We are immensely grateful for our current team and for those who have contributed along the way, helping us reach where we are today.


Bill and Barbara, the dynamic husband-and-wife team behind Beyond Boundaries Life, live in central Arkansas and share a deep passion for inspiring others to live their best lives. Their love for the outdoors and travel fuels their adventurous spirits. Bill, an Ironman and ultramarathon competitor, thrives on biking and hiking. Barbara, an avid pickleball player, is deeply engaged with her community and enjoys hiking, biking, and participating in races. Their zest for life is mirrored by their sweet pup, Sherpa, who frequently greets customers at their storefront, adding a touch of warmth and adventure to every visit.

Bill and Barbara
Bill and Barbara


Maddy Collinsworth is our talented graphic designer and illustrator at Beyond Boundaries. A Harding University graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design, Maddy excels at bringing ideas to life through her unique and creative designs. She has a deep love for travel and enjoys exploring new places. Outside of work, she loves getting outdoors and is currently on a mission with her husband, Jackson, to visit every National Park.

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