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Meet Brian and Tammy!

Meet Brian and Tammy Williams. Brian and Tammy grew up in Michigan, moved to Arkansas, and currently live in Bayfield, Colorado! They have four children, Hannah, Addison, Lincoln, and Harrison as well as two foster babies, Kesandra and Jackson. Brian is also a Beyond Boundaries Life ambassador!

Brian and Tammy grew up as athletes and committed to staying in the best shape possible as they began to raise a family. Alongside of their children, Brian and Tammy started hosting exercise classes for their community, free of charge. Their program, Body and Soul, has impacted the lives of many. Brian and Tammy are happy to offer these classes because they create a friendly, encouraging, and safe atmosphere for people of all ages and fitness levels. Brian and Tammy live a life of adventure. They actively teach their children the importance of getting outside. As a family, the Williams have spent countless hours hiking and many nights camping. Brian and Tammy have never forced their children to be active, but they have naturally followed the lead of their parents. Brian and Tammy have raised their family to actively take care of one another as they trek through life together.

Brian and Tammy have used what they are excited about to serve their community and love others. Brian and Tammy are passionate about sharing their love of Jesus, running, fitness, and foster care with anyone who is willing to listen. Doing good and making a difference is not hard, but too many people overthink it. Brian and Tammy challenge us to stop thinking and start doing good.

Brian and Tammy Williams actively go beyond. The couple powers through life knowing they have a greater purpose. Brian says, "When you love what you do, love will flow out into everything you do and has the power to affect everyone and everything around you." Brian and Tammy have used their passions to endlessly love others and serve their community. The Williams family inspires us to keep moving forward, no matter life's circumstances may be.

Want to learn more about their exercise classes? Join their Facebook group, Body & Soul Fitness here!

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