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Bud + Yen: Mountain Crash Pad

Meet two of our ambassadors, Bud + Yen.

"We are Mountain Crash Pad — Bud & Yen. We own and run a vacation rental in Vail, Colorado where we strive to give our guests a cozy home filled with an abundance of inspiration for adventure. Our home is filled with travel gems, books and necessities for our guests to be ready to go on an adventure. As hosts we are ready to inspire and educate our guests on local explorations.

We spend 98% of our time living out of our van adventuring. We get well over a 100 days on our snowboards, and spend the rest of the days climbing, river surfing, mountain biking, and exploring the backcountry. + a solid amount of time international. Throughout our adventuring we respect Mother Earth and clean-up where people have misstepped. We hope to always inspire and send good vibes to the people & the animals. 

But wait. 

It didn’t start out like this. This lifestyle is an evolution of our love.  When we first met, I - Yen - was a school teacher with a passion to be abroad every chance I had. Bud, the "fun haver", was a raft guide and a snowboard instructor. 2015 was our first summer together and we frolicked around Thailand for a month. Within a few months of coming back from that trip we decided to buy a mini bus. We were stoked, and built it out in the driveway of the house I was renting. We started living in it around May and that’s when our renting game was over. We lived in the Land Yacht for almost a year. Unfortunately our dreams of driving it everywhere was quickly unattainable when we realized it got maybe 7 miles to the gallon :). We made it to the Tetons & stayed put for my 3 month summer. During that year we seriously saved our pennies. And that is how we bought our condo (Mountain Crash Pad). Buying the condo was NOT easy. A lot more goes into our story from then to now, but I will save that for another time.

What I think is really important though, is to find your passion and chase your dreams. Nothing is unattainable with a little, or lot, of hard work & enthusiasm. 

With all the love & happiness,


Looking for a getaway in the mountains? Look no further than the Mountain Crash Pad! Book your adventure HERE today.

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