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The One Hundred Mile Racer - Grady Moore

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Meet Grady. In October 2019, Grady Moore ran the Arkansas Traveler, a one-hundred mile trail race in the hills of the Ouachita Forest. Moore had raced a marathon before, but nothing more than that. Many would consider Moore to be an abnormal ultra athlete because of his young age. At 21 years old, Moore was able to complete a one hundred mile foot race, often considered to be one of the most challenging ultra distances. Grady Moore goes beyond, and he is inspiring others to do the same. 

Moore says he was inspired to sign up for the Arkansas Traveler Race while listening to a podcast featuring David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL who is an accomplished ultra athlete and motivational speaker. Moore was impressed with how Goggins always made a point of taking “immediate action” to pursue dreams and plans. He paused the podcast, looked up one hundred mile races near him, and immediately signed up for the closest race, which happened to be the Arkansas Traveler. In spite of his best intentions, Moore had difficulty sticking to his training plan, and was relatively unprepared for the Traveler come race day, having only run 31 miles during his longest training run. Moore considered the mental training to be the most difficult part of the journey. Moore lives out a “never give up” lifestyle. Although his one hundred mile race was taxing, he was not going to quit, and he didn’t. Moore finished the race in twenty three hours and forty minutes, in the process learning what the human body is capable of. 

Moore claims to have learned many lessons from his trail race. He firmly believes that “almost anything can get done if you don’t stop.” Moore has challenged his body, and he now knows that “our bodies can do a lot more than we think they can.” He learned that simply focusing on the present and preparing for the future is key to success. Moore comments that the mindset he developed challenged him in his daily life. 

Grady Moore is the definition of a go-getter. He goes beyond in extreme ways and he serves as an inspiration to the people around him. Moore wants to challenge others to “just start.” He has learned that starting anything is the hardest part for him. Start today. Go chase that dream or set out to accomplish that goal you have had your eye on. At Beyond Boundaries Life, we aspire to get you going. Let’s join together as a community and make the world a better place by taking that first step together.

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